Printed hand drawn framed illustrations and bookmarks.
(Originals available on request)

During the pandemic, I had time to explore new artistic avenues and discovered a talent for illustration. This discovery was life-changing.
Winter 2021/22 was a long one which I spent, more or less alone, but for twelve sheep, ten chickens, occasional seals, and many sea birds. With a solar electricity generator, no running water on the Island of Ruden, and a lot of tinned beans, I sat down to indulge in my greatest pleasure, writing stories. Recognising the possibilities of illustrating my own words was inspiring. The storms of Winter blew life into three books.

Some of these drawings were done during those terrible storms in February as the roof tiles rattled above me. The originals are available upon request and each work is signed, numbered and, in its own way, unique. Otherwise they are available as postcards.

These postcards are from my forthcoming book "A Society Of Birds"
They cost 2.50 each

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All sold out: New ones on the way

Ruden 2021: Each bookmark comes with, on request, a short poem written below the image.
(4.50 €)

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