Printed hand drawn framed illustrations and bookmarks.
(Originals available on request)

These drawings are inspired by early Chinese landscape painting and my love of the natural world. The thoughts came during many long walks around Brandenburg and life on an island nature reserve: Ruden.

The illustrations are 146mm x 100mm
(With passepartout 240 x 180)

The bookmarks are 146 x 50

The miniatures are 100 x 72
Price: 10€

The originals are available upon request and each work is signed, numbered and, in its own way, unique.

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viii. Birds are known by the trees they choose.

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v. Pine needles and blossom yet to fall

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above: xi. The future is not sufficient
Price 27€
below: xiv. Leaving
Price: 23€

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i. Absence

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iii. Three trees

All sold out: New ones on the way

Ruden 2021: Each bookmark comes with, on request, a short poem written below the image.
(4.50 €)

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