Clouds in an Empty Sky

Once again PalmArt Press have given me the honour of publishing my words. I am grateful. These words form a collection of stories in which we meet a man who seeks light, another who becomes one with the woods in which he lives. We meet a woman who seeks peace with the wind and another who enchants a young traveller. Nature weaves her way throughout the stories and the poems while the photographs would never have been taken without her. Dao and Sufi thought float alongside her.
Softcover. 101 pages. Price 17.80 Euros including p+p.
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Until I manage to get the Paypal button working again please order the book via my e-mail address. I will send a copy as soon as I receive the order.

Clay Tree Bird

I have published my third book, this time with The PalmArt Press. Clay Tree Bird is a collection of flash fiction, poetry and photography. It is a small book with big ideas within. The connection between human condition and the nature of nature. Inspired by Ch'an ideas and borne following plenty of walks and meditation.
14.99€ euros. Or 16.99€ for a limited edition signed with a print postcard and hand-drawn book mark.
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Tales From The Tea House

The tales in this book are tales that I have told many times. They are from a repertoire of over 400 stories that I have gathered in my time as a storyteller. They are stories that have been told and retold over thousands of years by countless other storytellers from so many different countries that it is almost impossible to say with any certainty where they began their travels. Which means that they have no one single author rather they have had, and continue to have, many interpreters. Each one of whom, by transcribing and paraphrasing the tales using their unique style has recast them for a particular audience or situation and thereby kept them alive. And relevant.

Signed if requested
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